Who We Are...

WHO WE ARE...and who we are not

It doesn't matter if you are a casual handicapping enthusiast, race fan, or hardboot. If you like to handicap the races, you should check out Slew's Fast Horses. So, who exactly are they? They are a list of horses generated by my computer program that I nicknamed Slew! But I assure you, this is NOT your run of the mill software. Big deal, right? Well, it can be. But before I explain how Slew's Fast Horses came about, and how they can add an edge to your game, read on to find out who we are not!


Nope. If you are looking for a magic bullet...you won't find it here. There are plenty of websites and expert  thoroughbred handicappers who can provide you with "sure thing" horses. These sites promise you that you just can't lose. Some even "guarantee" their horses. So knock yourself out. But not here. No magic bullets.

Top Picks

There are no top picks here. Why? because if you can't make your own picks, you should be playing tennis. But you're not. You're here. You're here because you love the horses, like me. But if you need quality information to help you, my software is designed to help you make solid decisions as it has me for many years. A good handicapper is always looking for another tool and a little edge. Slew's Fast Horses can give you that edge.

The Sure Thing

I CAN give you one sure thing: Slew's list of horses is compiled using a software program that looks at thousands of horse races and finds SFH horses. Now, I can't tell you how the program works, but I can tell you THAT it works remarkably well in a sport where predictions are a dime a dozen, with most being  worthless over the long term. But, one sure fact remains: fast racehorses run fast races. And when fast racehorses run against horses not as fast, they usually win. And when they go off at odds of 4-1 or 8-1 or 12-1, and you have them, you win too.

Doin' this since 2012...

...maybe earlier! I don't remember anymore it has been so long, and still have the handicappers that were using it back then! So something must be up...

OK, so if you want to find out more, I urge you to check out the rest of the links to the left of this section. They will take you through what Slew's Fast Horses are all about. The racing files available for download are in both PDF and text formats. Lighter racing days often offer FREE files as well. So check back each day for a new file.

Good luck, and good 'capping...!!! - Slew

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