Unraveling the FHF Mystery


1/5/2012 Santa Anita Race #7

Before you view some of the race day files, let me warn you about what you will see. Because if you are an experienced handicapper, and who amongst us is not, you might just snicker at your first look. Why? Because some races will have many horses listed and one of them might win. Probably for $6.00 or less. So let me cut you off in mid-snicker. Simply put, it ain't like that.

Take a look at the image below.

What you will see in this first image is a race that has been contested by several fast horses. Yes, the kind of race you just might often pass. And the winner is buried somewhere in the mid to bottom of the listing. Take a look...

Example 1

The first thing you see is nine (9) horses. But in fact, there are really only 5 listed because Willyconker, El Gato Malo and Compari are listed twice. Two fast races for each. Then, Posse Power was scratched. And then: there were five.


Now take a look......

Example 2

All of a sudden, it doesn't look like every horse in the race. In fact, now the picture is a little clearer and we see the winner as not only the favorite, but having the largest drop of our group: -31K. Our top horse, Willyconker, was +23K, the lowest 'in the money' earner of the group. BUT coming off a win in a very sharp effort (a 4 FHF) he earned his way into this race and he ran well against a front running and classy Compari.

It is important to note that Slew's lists don't live by themselves. They are best used with sharp handicapping procedures. Maybe, the horse was coming off a layoff. Maybe it ran in a moderately fast race last time while stretching its legs en route to better competition. Or was the trip a troubled one? Slew's listing has clues as to what might happen in this race.


Everything Counts......

In fact, Compari had last run a 2nd in a $60K stakes the previous November at Hollywood Park before winning this race (the second Compari listing in the first image). Prior to that, he was off for 6 months with a splint problem. And before that, he had won 6 consecutive races concluding the streak with the Arcadia stakes. So while Willyconker's fast race puts him at the head of this class, Compari (who won this race leading at each call in 1:34.38) was the class of the race.

And while the payoffs weren't great, if you understood what you were looking at, a $20 trifecta 2/9,1/9,1 returned $590.00.

With a $3.60 favorite on top, I'll take that any day.

And as always...good luck and good 'capping!


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