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Updated: 10/1/2023
BAQ2023-09-289AlwOC4Win for Gold5.10
BAQ2023-09-223AlwOC4Today's Flavor13.20
BAQ2023-09-229MSW4Apollo Ten9.40
BAQ2023-09-212AlwOC4Best Actor4.80
BAQ2023-09-219[S]MClm $400004Zapruder7.70
BAQ2023-09-173AlwOC4Messidor (IRE)8.90
BAQ2023-09-176Starter Alw4Quality G8.30
BAQ2023-09-158STAKES (G )4Sacred Wish11.80
CD2023-09-164STAKES (G )4Bango4.32
DMR2023-09-107STAKES (G3)4Endlessly7.60
DMR2023-09-027STAKES (G2)4Du Jour10.20
GP2023-09-246MSW4Al Atlasi4.00
GP2023-09-231Clm4Courageous Copper4.00
KD2023-09-036Clm4Strong Odor4.84
KD2023-09-038Starter Alw4Autism Community7.22
KD2023-09-039AlwOC4Kentucky Ghost9.54
KD2023-09-0312Handicap4Saratoga Flash18.92
KD2023-09-028STAKES (G )4Talk of the Nation4.74
KD2023-09-0210STAKES (G3)4Ancient Rome15.32
MP2023-09-031AlwOC4Starstruck Notion9.80
SA2023-10-013MSW4Living Life177.80
SA2023-10-015STAKES (G )4Ruby Nell5.20
SA2023-09-3010STAKES (G2)4Hong Kong Harry (IRE)4.20
SA2023-09-291Clm4Give Me the Lute5.80
SA2023-09-297Clm4Aurelian Man11.20
SA2023-09-299MClm $500004Belmont Bill7.40
SAR2023-09-041[S]MSW4Split Strike7.70
SAR2023-09-043STAKES (G )4Pioneering Spirit8.20
SAR2023-09-049MSW4American Know How5.40
SAR2023-09-028STAKES (G )4Thin White Duke20.40
WO2023-10-014AlwOC4Border Town11.60
WO2023-09-176MSW4Time to Dazzle16.50
WO2023-09-168STAKES (G1)4She Feels Pretty18.00
WO2023-09-169STAKES (G1)4Master of The Seas (IRE)2.80
WO2023-09-036STAKES (G )4Love to Shop7.70
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Hello all!

If you receive the daily email from me, you may have noticed that I changed the signoff to "Have a good ride". The inspiration for this change comes from a private email exchange with one of our more venerable Slewer's, to whom I wished good luck. The following reply tells the story:

"Slew, When I was a kid and went to Detroit Race Course (DRC) on Saturday mornings at 4:30 AM to walk Hots for a buck ....The Term "Good Luck" was a Taboo saying !

You were never to use the term "Good Luck". If you saw the Movie Seabiscuit....... Gary Stevens pulls up next to Toby or Red Pollard and asks him how it's going during a race. Pollard reply's was a casual positive affirmation......and says he has to now go.....Gary Stevens says not "Good Luck" but "Have a Good Ride".

When I in later years as a paddock boy helped Trainers, giving a leg up to a jock was a natural thing, I made the mistake one time of wishing Bobby Baird "Good Luck". He took so offense to it he got off the horse and told the trainer he refused to ride.

Wishing a jock in those days "Good Luck" was a kiss of Death....

Any way I never used that term again after that incident. Just a small pundant I thought you should know of!"

So with that wonderful recollection and from the BOTH of us...

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When reviewing the results, don't be quick to dismiss a horse that placed second. That may not be a failure at all, because many horses can't beat the eventual winner in a given race but may be a perfect exacta partner at a nice price. One of my favorite plays is to pair a good Slew pick (especially a single), who figures to beat the "rest" of the field, with an obvious standout for an exacta score.

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Stakes Schedule
DateTrack NameGradeStakes Name
9/30ALB Charles Taylor Derby
9/30CD Jefferson Cup S.
9/30CD3Ack Ack S.
9/30CD2Lukas Classic S.
9/30GP Hollywood Beach S.
9/30SA2Santa Anita Sprint Championship S. presented by Estrella Jalisco
9/30SA1Awesome Again S.
9/30SA2Eddie D S.
9/30SA2City of Hope Mile S.
10/1BAQ2Vosburgh S.
10/1BAQ2Gallant Bloom S.
10/1BAQ1Joe Hirsch Turf Classic S.
10/1BAQ2Woodward S.
10/1GP Aventura S.
10/1SA2Zenyatta S.
10/1SA Unzip Me S.
10/1SA3Tokyo City Cup S.
10/1SA2John Henry Turf Championship S.
10/1WO Ontario Damsel S. Presented by Ketel One
10/1WO Breeders' S.
10/4BAQ2Miss Grillo S.
10/4BAQ2Pilgrim S.