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Updated: 12/17/2017

Aqu12/3/20176Allowance4Pocket Change9.50
Aqu12/2/20174MSW4Forty Winds6.40
Aqu11/30/20172MSW4Clams Casino19.40
Aqu11/30/20178AlwOC4Jc's Shooting Star10.40
Aqu11/25/20174STAKES4Penjade (FR)9.20
Aqu11/18/20175Allowance4Psychic Energy12.40
CD11/24/20172AlwOC4Blue Collar6.80
DMR11/26/20173STAKES (G2)4Hunt (IRE)8.80
DMR11/26/20177STAKES (G1)4Off Limits (IRE)11.20
DMR11/26/20179STAKES (G3)4Analyze It3.00
DMR11/25/20172MSW4Ippodamia's Girl10.80
DMR11/25/20174AlwOC4Air Vice Marshal9.80
GP12/16/20178STAKES (G3)4On Leave3.60
GP12/14/20171Clm4Baltic Art (GER)8.60
LRC12/3/20176Clm4Short of Ez9.00
TAM12/16/20174MSW4Peach of a Gal53.20
TAM12/16/20179STAKES4Tricks to Doo2.80
TAM12/6/20172AlwOC4Do Yahwanna Salsa22.40
TAM12/1/20173Clm4Enduring Honor11.60
WO11/26/20176Allowance4Marten River8.70
WO11/25/20178STAKES (G2)4Pink Lloyd3.20
WO11/22/20178Clm4Gentleman Jackson6.20
WO11/17/20178Clm4Stormy Rush5.40

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Aqueduct - 2,4,7,9
Gulfstream - 1,5,8,9,10
Fairgrounds - 5,8
Los Alamitos - 3,5,7,8


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Races to watch:

The races noted in the table above are listed for your handicapping information going forward. They represent races that were superior heats and may very well produce predictable winners or competitive runners in the future.

Horses that were competitive in these heats and ran well off of layoffs, were ill suited to race conditions, pace or footing are not to be overlooked when the next condition suits them.

If you follow this circuit on a regular basis, note the races and review the charts for horses who may have not been well meant, showed brilliant speed, or had troubled trips. (Updated about every 2 weeks).

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REMINDER: When using Slew at the beginning of a meet, be patient. Changes in race conditions, purse structures, track class tiers and local horse populations make for an interesting mix early on. It sometimes takes a round or two before Slew gets a "feel" for what's going on. Pay special attention to the way the race conditions are written, and whether Slew's "fast" horses that were yesterday's winners, are class appropriate or simply today's early pace warriors.
As of May, all extended plans have longer time periods. Check the extended plan purchase page for details.
Tokyo City Cup: Congratulations to Hard Aces on a gutsy win in this Santa Anita G3 100K stake. This was not on Slew's menu today, but I love seeing this horse as he is a running reminder of his the tough as nails papa, Hard Spun. Simply one of my favorites, and one of the toughest hombres ever to walk onto a race track. Combined with Slew's Poshsky in the previous race, the $125 double ended a good day on an even better note. Thanks Hard Aces, and thanks PAPA!
Florida Derby: Congratulations to Slew's top Florida Derby horse, Always Dreaming ($7.40)!!! And a heartfelt thanks to State of Honor for dutifully completing Slew's derby EXACTA ($39.80).

On to the next...derby!

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There are lots of ways to use Slew's information. Here is one of my favorites: Longshot Overlays! I usually look for a longshot single entry that is overlooked by the betting public, so the odds are completely out of line with the morning line odds (or your own line if you make one). More...
Watch for race sequences...not just horses!! They hold the key to multi-race wagers and can focus your play. An FHF PICK 3 example here.
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Good luck and good 'capping! - Slew

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