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Updated: 2/22/2018

Aqu1/27/20185Clm4Big Guy Ian6.00
Aqu1/25/20183STAKES4Midnight Disguise7.30
FG2/2/20182Clm4Aktabantay (GB)6.20
GP2/22/20189MSW4So Charming15.80
GP2/18/20184AlwOC4Magical Sky4.20
GP2/17/20187Starter Stakes4Conquest Sandman17.20
GP2/10/201812Clm4Conquest Sandman4.40
GP2/3/201812STAKES (G2)4Audible8.40
GP1/31/20184AlwOC4Army Mule2.40
GP1/28/20187Starter Alw4Madame Uno11.80
GP1/25/20181AlwOC4Matanzas Inlet19.40
SA2/19/20184Clm4Fahan Mura13.80
SA2/19/20189AlwOC4Moonlight Drive (ITY)14.00
SA2/18/20186AlwOC4The Tulip (IRE)12.00
SA2/17/20185Clm4Rocket Heat12.60
SA2/17/20187STAKES (G2)4Fault26.20
SA2/16/20185Clm4Ky. Colonel14.60
SA2/11/20184Clm4A Red Tie Day4.40
SA2/11/20189STAKES (G&)4War Heroine11.20
SA2/10/20183AlwOC4Maestro Dearte6.80
SA2/10/20185STAKES (G3)4Om11.40
SA2/10/20188AlwOC4Sawyer's Hill7.20
SA2/9/20181MSW4Cascade Rock (IRE)6.20
SA2/9/20189Clm4Mizzen Glory5.20
SA2/8/20187AlwOC4River Boyne (IRE)4.60
SA2/3/20181MSW4Slick Trick9.40
SA2/3/20184AlwOC4Mongolian Shopper9.40
SA2/1/20184Clm4My Man Chuckles8.20
SA2/1/20187AlwOC4Pantsonfire (IRE)5.80
SA1/28/20181MSW4Classy Atlantic3.40
SA1/27/20183STAKES4How About Zero6.40
SA1/26/20185Clm4Fahan Mura9.00
SA1/25/20183Clm4Clever Royal16.60
SA1/25/20186AlwOC4Miss Southern Miss17.80
TAM2/21/201874Hour City3.40
TAM2/10/201811STAKES (G3)4World Approval2.40
TAM1/27/20186AlwOC4America Mon Amie12.00
TAM1/27/201810Clm4Great Harbour Cay4.80

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The races noted in the table above are listed for your handicapping information going forward. They represent races that were superior heats and may very well produce predictable winners or competitive runners in the future.

Horses that were competitive in these heats and ran well off of layoffs, were ill suited to race conditions, pace or footing are not to be overlooked when the next condition suits them.

If you follow this circuit on a regular basis, note the races and review the charts for horses who may have not been well meant, showed brilliant speed, or had troubled trips. (Updated about every 2 weeks).

LOOKING AHEAD: No fast horses at Parx so Slew will be dark Monday and Tuesday, 3/19 and 3.20. Our regular schedule will return on Wednesday, 3/21 with a nice selection of races from Gulfstream, Tampa and Fairgrounds.
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